Air Purifier

A08 Car purifier

external power supplies
Key Features
  • Nano light catalyst
  • Nano light catalyst technology is a high-tech leading edge purification technology, is composed of nano coating and special ultraviolet lamp, it has strong sterilization function, can purify air effectively
  • Deodorization activated carbon filter
  • A large number of micro carbon, has strongly absorb harmful substances such as toluene, formaldehyde and other peculiar smell in the air, can catalyze and decompose harmful substances
  • Anion
  • Known as "the vitamin in the air", it is a kind of anion itself lead to, which make air sterilization and purification, to remove dust, to remove odor, to kill bacteria, to make air pure, fresh and natural in the room
Key Applications
  • To remove biological pollutants ---including to all kinds of bacteria, viruses and dust mites, etc;
  • To remove gaseous pollutants ----For example, volatile organic compounds such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde etc
  1. Input
    • Input Voltage:110~240Vac
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Input Watts:15W
  2. Output
    • Using area:4-6 square meter
    • Case dimension:240X175X77mm
    • Net weight:1.0Kg
    • Air volume:4.3m³/h
    • Formaldehyde removal rate:≥99.5%(1 cubic space)
    • Sterilization ability:≥99.9%
    • Amount of negative ions concentration:3X106inos/cm3
    • Ozone emissions:≤0.010mg/m³
    • Ultraviolet leakage:≤5uW/cm2
    • Maximum gear noise:≤50dB
    • Low noise:≤35dB
    • Ultraviolet lamp specifications:cold cathode 1W wavelength 253.7nm
    • Composite filter specifications:173.6X133X18mm
  3. Safety standards
    • IE/ENC60335-1,IEC/EN60335-2-65
    • GB4706.1,GB4706.45
    • GB/T 18801-2008