Power Solutions

Kuantech possesses many top power solutions and customized product R&D, which are widely applied for information, telecom, network, A/V equipment, mobile devices, consumer electronics, business machines, health-care products and LED devices.
All kinds of product demands could find the most suitable solution in Kuantech; in the process from design to product conversion, the global selling network of Kuantech could provide the optimal service and support on the timeliness and budget control.

EMS/DMS Program

600 million power supply products, abundant production experience, outstanding project management, our commitment to Total Quality Management, a tier of supply chain, and highly integrated vertical-in-house production make Kuantech the best OEM/DMS provider of power supply conversion product.
To have Kuantech as your strategic partner empowers your ever winning business.

Energy Efficiency

The goal of Kuantech is to become the supplier of the highest energy efficiency and most environmental protection material. It has passed CEC V and EU ERP 2011, and conforms to ROHS, PAHS, 6P, NP and REACH, and achieves the environmental friendly.
In order to meet the above goal, Kuantech has lead in ISO9001, ISO140001, IECQ QC080000, and EHS systems to ensure the effective implementation.

Project Management

Good communication is the start of success. Kuantech would listen to your demand to the product, and strictly guard for all product quality, evaluate whether every material passes the safety specification, and provide the optimal solution.
Before manufacturing every new product, the rigorous preset work is essential. When the client proposes one new idea or new concept, Kuantech would put it into the practice. We shall provide the sample product within about four weeks, and the client has adequate time to confirm the sample design. After confirmed, the sample shall pass the strictest safety specification test within three weeks. Different products have different technical specifications, and Kuantech shall ensure all the items could meet the standard specification. Another four weeks of manufacture test through cautious attitude and persistence to high quality standard shall guarantee all the components and devices have passed the quality and environmental protection certification, and meet the international inspection standard. Then the product with both perfect quality and safety comes to the world. You can immediately inspect the product from Kuantech, which stands any test!