About us

Established in 2001, based on the persistence to quality and R&D attitude of innovation, Kuantech has developed to an international enterprise group. We have set the service point in Taiwan, Shenzhen, South Korea, UK, Germany, Europe and USA, and have several plants in Beihai and Cambodia, to produce quality and safe products.

Company Profile

Under the most rigorous safety specification, Kuantech has developed many voltage and power conversion products, covering the power adapters, power supplies and battery chargers. Kuantech products are designed for telecommunication, computer peripheral, consumer electronics, health-care, car-facility and commercial equipment applications.

Adhering to the management principle of K, T, E, and C, Kuantech grows and develops in the competitive environment, and becomes the global most reliable power supplier. From design to manufacture, the client demand is the first consideration, adding the good communication and quick response, to provide the complete solution, and become the long-term strategic partner of the client.

K-knowledge X Professional knowledge

The best configuration of Kuantech, and the R&D team promotes the products as switching power supply, transformer, DC converter, rectifier, and battery charger, via the abundant knowledge application, based on the environmental protection and energy saving, high reliability, and new component development.

T-technology X Leading technology

Application and stable development have become the key for Kuantech standing out in the global market. Applying the short and thin, high frequency, and high power technology, we have promoted the power supply series product covering the high, medium and low power range.

E-excellence X Excellent quality presentation

The unique requirement to the product of Kuantech. All the materials shall pass RoHS and PAHs inspection before manufacturing, and enter the production flow only after conforming to the standard. Kuantech possesses the all-round vertical integration manufacture system, and this supply chain could fully coordinate to the production schedule for manufacture.

C-competitive X Competitive

Competitive strength comes with Kuantech to look forward to the future! Kuantech takes the sustainable development as precondition, and the staff interest as priority, to effectively improve the staff quality, integrate the theory and technical educational training, efficiently intensify the professional technology and quality concept, and become the impetus of enterprise growth.

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