Ktec (short for Kuantech) concerned about global climate change and protects the earth’s resources. In response to the United Nations framework convention on climate change and Kyoto Protocol, our corporation has been working on calculationof Green House Gas (GHG) emission to learn more about the situation of GHG emission at factory and manage it accordingly. We shall set up annual targets and implementation plan for reduction of GHG emission based on the calculation report of GHG emission for each year. Meanwhile, we shall keep influence on interested parties persistently to further drive reduction of GHG emission all together. Adhering to the faith of sustainable development of environment, we will continue to control GHG emission in the future, and expect to achieve sustainable development taking the energy efficiency, resources saving and environment protection into account, with the effort towards low-carbon industrial economy. CAMBODIAsite: a) 2015 is selected as benchmark year of the GHG emission calculation. b) For Y2017, after calculation and verification, the total GHG emissions due to energy consumption per output value is 0.00000062(tonnes CO2e. / USD),which is lower by15.1% than last year. Kuantech (Cambodia) Corporation Limited.